How Can Observation Manager Help Me Improve Staff Performance?



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Why Observation Manager will make a big difference to your organisation


•  Easy to use, low cost, web based shared resource available 24/7 on any device with Internet Access- PC’S , Laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android devices etc.

•  A software solution (hosted by us) that’s as good as tailor-made with judgement criteria customisable by you to meet your company’s specifications and reflect Ofsted requirements.

•  You can rest assured that all Follow Ups are implemented, with Action Points logged to show what’s being done to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

•  Reduces costs – customisable electronic observation proforma to record observation judgements  –  e-observations.  No need to printout unless you want to.  Validation can be by digital signature.

•  Reduce staff time because there is no need for  ‘double entry’ – reports and tutors’ records are automatically updated as criteria grades are entered on the observation proforma.
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Changes In The Common Inspection Framework

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A main change in the way Ofsted will inspect Further Education from September 2015 it is that they will make four graded judgments:

  •     effectiveness of leadership and management
  •     quality of teaching, learning and assessment
  •     personal development, behaviour and welfare
  •     outcomes for learners

and there will be a greater emphasis on safeguarding and curriculum.

As you would expect the 4 judgement areas are all interlinked and very much dependent on the the skills and capability of staff to support, engage, motivate, advise, teach and train learners.  Therefore it is essential that leaders and managers know at any one time the quality of all the activities being carried out in their organisation in order to implement improvements and identify staff training needs and good practice .  Although an expectation of the Common Inspection Framework, this level of control  can be time consuming and involve a heavy admin burden.

I am pleased to say that the latest release of Observation Manager drastically reduces the time and admin burden whilst giving complete control and the information needed for effective improvement.  The programme has been updated to allow for user defined types of Observations – for example inductions, reviews, coaching, invigilation, etc, in addition to teaching, learning & assessment. Carrying out the e-observations is simple plus reports, graphs and observees’ records are automatically updated subsequently reducing administration and staff time.  No need for double entry on several databases.  Giving complete control including the ability to see at a glance the status of staff action points and good practice this cost effective tool  is a shared resource available 24/7 on any device with internet access.

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