The Solution To Observation Tracking Problems


Free Up TIME For Other Things

Don't let lesson observations become a "black hole" for time. All observation types are recorded online (incl. Teaching, Assessment, Reviews, Inductions etc,) making the data a Shared Resource and staff can receive weekly emails of outstanding action points.

Share Good Practice Easily

Upload video, documents, sound files, images, PowerPoint etc, making the sharing of good practice quick and easy

Know Where You Are With Action Points

Set and monitor objectives and action points to show what’s being done and the effectiveness of actions taken to improve the quality of teaching and learning through staff support and training.

CPD - Make It More Effective

Record individual’s CPD implemented and its effectiveness

See Results FAST

Observation Manager is so easy to use that there is no downtime needed for staff training. We estimate you will be up and running within 30 minutes.

Affordable Pricing

Priced at only £295 (plus VAT) per school per year. Includes as many staff as you want and hosting on our server. No extra charges of any kind. Try-Before-You-Buy. Click Here To Download the PDF Brochure

If You Need Help - Get It Quickly

Also included is our fast response email and phone support service, as well as online "context related" help and the option to download a PDF manual. To make sure you get off to a flying start, we will import your teachers' details and a member of our staff will log on with you to go through the initial setup of users and access levels.


In developing this lesson observation software we took on-board the problems that providers were experiencing in maintaining an effective system for monitoring, supporting and developing their staff in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning throughout their organisation. These included their current procedure being a drain on staff time, the need to update numerous databases, difficulty in producing meaningful analytical reports , staff not having ownership of their own development, not readily being able to readily show the impact of staff support, training and development that has been provided.

User Definable Criteria

User Definable Criteria

Customisable judgement criteria to meet your specifications and reflect Ofsted's expectations, teaching standards and your improvement objectives.

Action Points

Action Points

Setting & Monitoring of Action Points and objectives so all parties can see what's being done to remedy weaknesses and improve the quality of Teaching & Learning using the observation software

A Centralised Database

A Centralised Database

Updated Data on teacher observations is available instantly for everyone when the results of reviews, observations, learning walks, work scrutiny etc are recorded online



5 stars

“We became aware that our procedures in the area of tracking lesson observations, and sharing good practice, needed a more structured and formal approach. Observation Manager meets our needs in this area and we have found it to have a minimal learning curve.”

Quality Manager
Omega Training Services

5 stars

“I started using Observation Manager a few weeks ago and was able to quickly learn my way round it – an easy to use program which fills a gap in our tracking requirements”

Operations Manager
Quest Vocational Training