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How The Lesson Observation App Will Help You


What are the criteria for an Outstanding Grade? Have this information with you at all times on your mobile


An excellent tool for increasing your knowledge of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.



A great way to improve the quality of Lesson Observations.


Imagine you are in the middle of a lesson observation and you want to quickly check some criteria.  And imagine also you had it on your iPhone or Android.  This is just one of the features of this free app - it is designed to help observers when they most need it. But an additional benefit for all staff, including leaders and managers, is that it gives details on the major issues surrounding lesson observation today.


The first menu item is Judgement Criteria and will take you to 10 sections covering :


Learning & Progression
Assessment of Learning
Feedback & Marking
Attendance & Behaviour
Equality & Diversity
Resources & Venue


Here you will find very concise, to-the-point summaries of what the expectations are for an outstanding grade in that section.

And to help you keep up to date with the latest news on UK education matters there is a tab full of news feed snippets.


We have also included some handy tools - a diary to record your observations, a scanner to capture Good Practice documents and a page of useful links.


Overall, we believe that you will find this Lesson Observation app to be an excellent tool for increasing your knowledge of Teaching & Learning and for improving the quality of lesson observations.

About the author - Lesley Clark


During my time of working over 20 years in the Education and Training Sector I have tackled the challenges and priorities facing the industry from a range of positions.

My managerial experience responsibility for Work Based Learning,  NEETS, Jobcentre Plus Contracts, associated ESF funded programmes, Franchising and Distance Learning led to my involvement in developing software programs specifically designed for the Work Based Learning industry.  These included
FrameUp (a learner tracking and analysis tool), IV Manager, CRM Extra (for improving employer engagement) and Observation Manager (an e-observation and analysis tool).

Under the banner of my freelance consultancy work I also develop and deliver bespoke courses in response to providers needs and government priorities, topics include Getting to Grips with Success Rates, Learner Tracking – the Big Picture, Effect Initial Assessment, Planning and Reviewing.


Do you need any assistance from time to time with any of the following?
- Monitoring staff performance through observations, learner progress, achievements and performance reviews
- Data analysis
- Preparing for inspection
- Writing procedure manuals
- Staff Training
- ‘MOT’ of current procedures
My rates are very competitive – call me on 01252 651540 or email lesley@teachingpluslearning.co.uk.



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